We’re feeling a bit picky lately

Great news everyone!

We survived New Year’s and almost the entirety of January already. Time flies, does it not? So what’s new with the Volumetric Galaxy Pack? Well, there are two things coming up soon.

One is support for more stars. A lot more stars. In real-time on a standard dev machine, rendering a million stars all at once works just fine, but we can do a lot better than that and work will go part-way in this release. Stay tuned for some benchmark numbers!

The other, and one of the features we’ve been most excited about getting ready for our users is star picking. And it has arrived!

Here’s a screenshot from the demo scene of the pack:

Star picking

What you’re looking at is the same view as you know from the included Demo Scene as before, but now with a marker around a user selected star. Every single star in the volume is selectable and the camera can be re-centered to use it as it’s pivot target point.

How’s the performance? – I hear you ask. Well, not too bad actually. The screenshot above has 100 000 stars in it and the lookup takes roughly 5ms on a standard dev machine. At 10 million stars, it takes about 500 ms, so it scales pretty linearly. But don’t you worry, we have some interesting plans that will bring the numbers down to something more reasonable however many stars you fill your galaxy with.

Stay tuned for our next release, we’re sure you’ll love it!

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