1.3 is out and 1.4 is already queued!

And do we have some good news or what!

The big November sale in the Unity Asset Store is already in full swing, but before it’s over the next version will already be out. If you haven’t already, check out the Volumetric Galaxy Pack right now!

One of the most requested feature we’ve had so far is to let users export static environment maps from the renderer, for use with low end devices or use cases where real-time flying through the galaxy isn’t really needed. And well, here’s a sample!

These environment maps can either be exported as above, or a individual cube faces to 6 separate files, each at up to 8k resolution!

In less exciting, but non-the-less important news, we’ve also made updates to the volumetric shader that allows for properly correct light accumulation in all directions, independently of camera angle compared to the galaxy center. We’ve also added a new behavior to the included ray caster camera prefab that automatically tracks and adjusts the output resolution, if you so wish. If not, it also lets you set a fix resolution without having to define a RenderTexture yourself; they are now generated on the fly.

As usual: Any questions? Let us know.


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