Second update to Volumetric Galaxy Pack out now!

We’re steaming ahead, and it’s time for an update focused on Quality and Configurability.

Here is the news, in short:

  • Greatly reduced dithering in with higher quality settings
  • Introduced overall quality setting
  • Introduced haze density setting
  • Made it possible to fly through the insides of a galaxy volume
  • Updated demo scene to better showcase diversity of possible settings

This all means you can now enter the galaxy with the camera. It’s not super exciting yet, but it works and without jarring temporal artifacts. You can play around with the new haze setting and find what works best for you; perhaps you want a fluffy cloud and perhaps you want a more distinct shape.

Here’s a 4-way split screenshot demonstrating this effect:

The Haze Density setting at two different levels

You could also pull up the new quality setting a bit and you’ll no longer see any dithering or stochastic noise. Pull it up a bit more and you’ll see highly degraded performance though, so be careful there!

Here’s a screenshot from the updated demo scene:

Flying through the galaxy plane now works.

As I said, if you don’t choose your settings carefully, you could easily end up with severely degraded performance here. Please bear with me, though! One half-finished feature that is soon to be ready is a commonly requested one from our users: exporting a static environment map. At that point, frame rate doesn’t matter much, so the highest quality settings are meant to support this use-case.

Any questions or feedback? Just drop us a line.

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